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Property management at Manuka Cove

Are you an owner or prospective owner at Manuka Cove in Bayview, Auckland?

We are contracted as the on-site building manager of Manuka Cove, and we also offer full service rental property management services at Manuka Cove. This means we can help you:

  • Market your property to find well qualified tenants
  • Administer and collect rental payments
  • Organize repairs and maintenance on your unit

Because we focus on Manuka Cove Apartments, and live on-site, we know what is going on with your property on a day to day basis, and we can respond to problems from tenants very quickly.

We are also very familiar with the units in Manuka Cove, and because of this we can often save you money by dealing with any problems that arise in a more cost-effective way.

Here’s how we can help you:

Find Suitable Tenants

A bad tenant can cause lots of headache and loss of money and time for you. Because we are responsible for managing Manuka Cove, we are very careful when it comes to selecting suitable tenants.

This means that we’ll help you find the perfect tenant for your unit: someone who will look after your property, and fit in with other residents of Manuka Cove.

Our process:

  • We’ll market your property to our waiting list of people interested in living at Manuka Cove, as well as online on TradeMe if required.
  • When selecting a tenant, we first do a phone interview to screen applicants. After passing the phone interview, potential applicants are then invited to do a face-to-face interview on-site.
  • If the face-to-face interview is successful, we then do background checks, which includes income verification, interviewing references, doing background and criminal checks, as well as credit checks.We’ll draw up a customized Rental Property Agreement for successful applicants, with special clauses that we’ve found useful for rentals here at Manuka Cove.

Administer and collect rental payments

We provide a no-hassle, full rental property management service, where we work with the tenant to ensure that rent is paid regularly. This means that you do not have to deal with the hassle of administering rental payments (we send you a full statement every month detailing exactly how much was received), and we follow-up with the tenant immediately if a payment has been missed.

We’ll also help you by:

  • Doing a full property inspection every 4 months (or more regularly if required), and providing you with a report on the state of your property after each inspection
  • Regular rent reviews to ensure that you are receiving what your property is worth
  • Organize and supervise any required repairs or maintenance to your unit

Because we live on-site, we are able to keep a close eye on your tenants, and ensure that your property is well-looked after, and your rent is paid regularly.

Repairs and maintenance of your unit

Because we manage several units at Manuka Cove, we know what common problems you’ll face with your units, and we have built up a database of trusted contractors to deal with those problems.

This means that, if something goes wrong, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a reliable plumber/electrician or other contractor and organizing access to your property – we organize everything.

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